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Colored Genius is a way for me, a middle class, eighties baby, to share what I hope is my “not so unique” perspective on the world.  I’ll keep the bio portion of this as vague as possible because I have a career that frowns on everything fun a tax paying adult with a sound mind should be able to do.  Like say shit, damn that felt good, on an open forum because we are in the United States where freedom of speech actually exist.  Or does it?

If I say any of the inflammatory, rude, not politically correct things which I will be ranting about on this page in front of my peers I would find myself unemployed or ostracized;  which really is bullshit when you think about it. On that note, welcome to my forum which is my way to expound on all things that get on my nerves as a tax paying, sixty hour a week working, divorced father, self proclaimed genius in common sense, and one of the last of a dying bread.

When I say this is all “common sense commentary” I say that from the viewpoint of someone who is tired of all of the “dumb shit” we experience daily but are forced to swallow it because it’s the new norm.  By the way, I’m an equal opportunist when it comes to my discussions.  I have no issues with any race, color, sex, or creed, but I will talk openly about everyone because I can.  If you don’t like what I’m saying, it’s the internet, so go to another site or feel free to kill yourself.

That being said welcome to the best common sense commentary on the internet.


Colored Genius - Common Sense Commentary