Celebrity Idolatry – Refresh My Memory, Why Do We Give A F*ck

This all came to me when a friend of mine sent me a screenshot of this meme with the text message, “AMEN”.

Celeb Idolatry - Colored Genius


Maybe I’m old fashioned but since when is the path to fame being an absolute degenerate fuck up.  By fuck up, I mean the Paris Hiltons, Bruce (oh excuse me!!!) Caitlyn Jenners, the rest of the Kardashian clan, and the list goes on.  People really put these “empty vessels” of so called human beings on pedestals.  Our society literally makes these dumbass’s insanely wealthy because the media puts a spotlight on them; and we, like so many moths to a flame, turn and stare.

Bear with me, this really “grinds my gears”.  This of course all occurs while our real everyday heroes who sacrifice their lives and souls for us are rarely given any press. Or when they do get press it’s so diluted by the media’s ulterior motives of advertising and other bullshit, the story blows by like so many plastic grocery bags in the wind.  Yeah there’s a lot of fucking pop culture references in this post,  I like to entertain myself while my mental juices flow.

Celeb Idolatry - Colored GeniusAs the sign says “Stop Making Stupid People Famous”.  I’m sorry but if you overdose on drugs and happen to be famous, two words.  Natural Selection.  You think Lamar, Caitlyn, or Paris would give a February Fuck about you or one of your loved ones if something tragic happened to them.  Do you think they’ve ever thought twice about the everyday people who lost their lives being heroic on 9/11 trying to save their fellow men and women.  Do you think they would have been so brave?  Do you think they’ve ever thought twice, or better yet even once, about any of the people who make them famous; other than in ways that can selfishly benefit them.  We live in an empty space of a world where in most places people pass each other for years on their daily commute but never say hello. Or sit next to the same person on the train, day in and day out but have no idea what that person’s name is.  But even given how humanly complacent we’ve become, I have enough faith in us as a people to know that those everyday folks would be there for you before you were even a whim on Caitlyn’s mind.

Celeb Idolatry - Colored GeniusThese bottom feeding false idols and their culture of thoughtlessness have molded our culture.   It’s now cool to emulate these illicit demigods and our kid’s are even beginning to fall in line with this insanity.  If you do nothing else after reading this, other than giving me your opinion of course.  Take the time to show someone in your life who the real hero’s are.  The working mom and dads, our public servants and veterans, the people in their lives who actually add value to our society.

Teach them to fill their lives with substance, respect, and common decency.  Now don’t get me wrong, not everyone is good and I’ve had my share of days that I’d kick someone’s ass in a second for batting an eye wrong.  But what always seems to bring me back into introspection is another person’s show of decency.  You know, the wave when you let someone pull out into traffic or the simple head nod as you walk by someone.  That simple reminder that “we” still exist and are still out there.

“We” as in the majority of us who don’t give a fuck about the Kardasians but hope our elderly neighbor is doing okay because her mother just died.  The “we” that quietly try to help someone throughout our day for no reason other than because that person needed it.  Maybe we should stop trying to escape our lives by peering into the lives of these false idols and look around and see the hero’s amongst us.

Food for thought.




Celeb Idolatry - Colored Genius


Celeb Idolatry - Colored Genius



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