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Colored Genius Grand Manier

Well of course I’m sitting here on my day off writing this first post.  Welcome all to the forum and I hope you enjoy some of the commentary.  I decided to taste this Grand Marnier to determine what kind of drink I wanted to make to help lubricate my thoughts onto this page.

First a few thoughts on my job.  I’m sure the majority of you work in corporate America or do some sort of public sector work.  Personally I’m handcuffed to a government career that pays me just enough to discourage my leaving and braving the private sector but literally makes me want to go into work with a baseball bat everyday because of all of the politics and bureaucracy.

Why is it that most places are run by spineless, ass kissing, sociopaths.  They require you to kiss their dumb asses to place yourself within the stream of upward movement within the organization.  I guess it’s a self fulfilling prophecy because if you think about it, you’d have to be one of them to lower yourself by “kissing their ring” to be included within that inner circle.  It seems that I have to ask myself on a daily basis do I want to be this guy walking into work


Colored Genius Disgusted

or this guy (even though happy, still scheming 🙂 )

Colored Genius Happy Boy


I think that’s probably why when I walk into the grocery store and I see the manager giving the produce boy or the bagger a hard time.  This is the Colored Genius sketch that plays outs.

(interrupting the manager’s berating of the produce boy, in my politest voice of course)  

Colored Genius:   “excuse me Sir, are you the manager?”

Manager:   “yes I am” (with a privileged, undeserved look of self approval on his face) 

Colored Genius:   (still in my polite voice) “I was hoping you’d take one of those bananas you’re berating him about and go fuck yourself with it”

Manager:  (speechless, as I leisurely walk away)

You see, I firmly believe that every time the little guy gets a “win” like that, an angel get his or her wings.



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