The “Oh, so now I’m the one that’s crazy” Moment

Oh, so now I’m the one that’s crazy“, I said, as I realized I’ve been baited into another situation that I definitely did not begin, let alone, really want any part of.

Has that ever been you? Minding your business in traffic having a great day when some asshole cuts you off, gives you the finger, and acts like you did something wrong. Or how about when you’re having an arguing in a relationship and you agree with everything the other person is saying just to keep the peace. Then somehow they spin it and they’re now upset that you aren’t actively participating in the argument. You know, that “no win” situation where you just want peace but that’s not possible. These are just a few examples of things that can spark a “Oh, so now I’m the one that’s crazy” moment.

To somewhat explain, I really enjoy a nice drive.  Not a drive with the kids or the misses next to you on her cell phone while she’s simultaneously telling you how she would have made the last turn if she was driving.  But an actually drive where you get into your car with no actual destination in mind.  Sure you have things to do but you’re going to enjoy the “spirited” drive to wherever and actually get your money’s worth out of “The Ultimate Driving Machine” you pay for every month.

But contrary to my expectations I guess people don’t drive anymore; they eat, text, update Facebook, put on makeup, and make all their calls while they “commute”.  So while 99% of the people are “commuting”, I’m actually driving.  For me it’s no cell phone, with maybe a little Mobb Deep or Radiohead (depends on whether I’m feeling like Will or Carlton that day, actually fuck that, never Carlton, that dude was so sweet he made my teeth hurt) playing in the background.  I guess as I’m passing the “commuters” at 100 mph on the interstate with the “M” Power button depressed as they clump together like a mass of sheep, I would look crazy.  Hey I admit I’m probably the one 1% in this equation.

Road Rage - Oh, So Now I'm Crazy


But here in lies the birth of a “Oh, so now I’m the one that’s crazy” moment.  There’s always that one guy that wants to speed up and try to cut you off.  Like he’s doing some justice to mankind by making me slow down and come into the fold of sheep.  This guy, who before seeing me in all my expedient glory, was happy to drive 60 mph on a 70 mph road in the passing lane.  But seeing me “thinking outside the box” wants to strap a cape onto his Prius and drive erratically to bring me into line.  This guy, who has now cut me off, almost caused several accidents, and is now stuck at a traffic light next to me.I’m still ignoring his dumbass because I already know a “Oh, so now I’m the one that’s crazy” moment is on the horizon.

What I don’t get is why people believe they can push you to the brink and treat you with disrespect with no consequences.  People these days have forgotten the mantra of cause and effect.  You push me and I may push you back but you don’t get to control how hard I push back i.e. my reaction to your bullshit.  And for some reason it seems that there are never any witnesses around to see these “pushers” starting shit.  But always someone around when you react; i.e. the”Oh, so now I’m the one that’s crazy” moment.


I’ve long given up trying to avoid these moments because I refuse to let the 99% win.  If i’m pushed, depending on my demeanor that day I may not push back right away.  But before starting any kind of shit always ponder the fact that I may just have a baseball bat sitting on the front seat of my car.


Happy commuting.





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